Our Essential Core with Monica Gauci

Saturday September 16th – Sunday September 17st 2023


Yogamelange_Monica Gauci

16.- 17. September 2023 (Sa & So)
11:00-13:30 / 15:00-17:30

Fee Live
€ 240 (full workshop)
€ 130 (per day)

Workshop Place
Yogamelange, Thaliastraße 2 im Hof, Top 11-12, 1160 Wien

Booking & Info
Marija +43 699 171 098 83
E-Mail: info@yogamelange.at

Our Essential Core with Monica Gauci

Saturday, 16th September 11:00-13:30 / 15:00-17:30 &  Sunday, 17th September 11:00-13:30 / 15:00-17:30

There are many misconceptions about our core, what it is and what is required for physical health, stability and strength. Babies perform moves that suggest core strength without having yet developed any strength! In order to have the stability that prevents injury and enables us to build strength, we need a responsive core that enables us to adapt to the ever-changing environment of the various movements we continuously perform.

– This work builds a solid foundation for beginners, is therapeutic for those with injuries and is essential for those wanting to advance their practice to more challenging and complex asana.

– Rediscover what is needed to have the stable, responsive core you had as an infant!

– Understand the important differences between your intrinsic and external core.

– Discover the engine that drives your intrinsic core and the secret to stability and strength.

– Lean specific exercises that both diagnose and revitalise both your inner and outer core.

– Explore the extrinsic core and how we can most effectively build strength where it matters most.

– Practice moving from your core and integrating your limbs from this centre in your yoga practice.

Please Note

  • Mantra and chanting are integrated into each Workshop appropriate to the topic being taught.
  • As there is an anatomical base to each Workshop, PowerPoint presentations are used as a visual supplement to aid students to better understand and integrate the information presented.
  • Handouts of the chants and presentation are supplied.
  • There is a strong practical component to each Workshop, which makes the material relevant and applicable.
  • These workshops are interactive and questions are encouraged to make the material pertinent to those in attendance.
  • A certificate of completion is offered for yoga association continuing education points.

About Monica Gauci

Dr Monica Gauci brings her vast knowledge and experience as a Yoga Therapist, a Doctor of Chiropractor and 43 years of personal yoga practice to these topics. Her insights as a therapist make her workshops powerfully relevant. Her teaching is inspired by her passion to educate others to empower them to heal and care for themselves.