Ab Samstag 14. Jänner 2023 um 17 Uhr

Animal Flow with Michael

Yogamelange_Animal Flow with Michael

Come Crawl, Hop and Flow! 🦍🐸🐕

ANIMAL FLOW with Michael
🎯starting Saturday 14. Jan at 17:00

Animal Flow is an energetic and amusing supplement to an Ashtanga practice because it takes us off the mat and out of our standard routine using an entirely different choreography of movement from what we may be accustomed to.

In this class we will crawl around on the floor, without making any funny animal sounds 😉, in order to challenge our sense of balance, our coordination, memory, and our strength.
This is a very lighthearted approach to healthy movement that still maintains the thoughtfulness and deliberate nature Ashtangis are accustomed to.

Expect laughs and smiles, but also a good sweaty challenge.