Detox through Healthy Diet, Yoga & Breath work mit Claudia Jones 28.- 29. März 2015

28 März

Spring Detox! Detox through Healthy Diet, Yoga & Breath work Wochenendworkshop mit Claudia Jones Sa 28. März – So 29. März 2015 In this Detox Workshop you will learn how to: • Cleanse toxins from your body • Lose excess weight • Balance your eating habits • Eliminate food cravings • Transition to a wholefoods [...]

Weekend Workshop Vinyasa Krama with Matthew Sweeney 2015

17 July

Weekend Workshop 17. July – 19. July 2015 The Vinyasa Krama sequences taught in this workshop are designed to complement the traditional Ashtanga Yoga method and provide alternatives for students who need a more flexible approach. The sequences will be taught thoroughly, carefully and with a playful attitude – be prepared to work, to focus [...]